I have been given beauty for ashes. 
I am treasured from the crown of my head to the stilettos on my feet. 
I am loved with an everlasting love. No height nor depth can separate me from My Father's love.
I am made in His image.
Powerful.  Power to slay my enemy and strength to keep my sister.
Prestigious.  Born into royalty, the crown of life is mine.
Passionate. Restored in forgiveness and humbled to keep God first.
Beautiful.  Treasured.  Loved.  I am my father's daughter. 


Perfect for any daughter of Christ and those yet to be.  This perfume oil set makes a great birthday or bestie gift!  


*Animal Cruelty-free


Tabahani Fragrances
"The Sweet Fragrance of Life in Christ"

I Am My Father's Daughter

SKU: 0040
  • Set includes:
    Beauty for Ashes Perfume Oil  
    Treasured Perfume Oil
    Loved Perfume Oil


    Beauty for Ashes travel rollie 
    Treasured travel rollie
    Loved travel rollie

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