Discover Your Signature Fragrance in Christ: A 31-Day Bible Study

Upgrade your fragrance wardrobe with faith-based scents that draw the presence of God in your life and invite others to experience Him! As women, we find ourselves discovering a particular fragrance that exudes our personality in aroma. We will often buy that one fragrance over and over and call it our signature scent. Scent evokes memory and action. Likewise, according to 2 Corinthians 2:14-15, the Apostle Paul tells believers we are the aroma of Christ. We are called to spread the fragrant aroma of Christ in every place testifying of Jesus and His remarkable work of salvation. In this unique devotional, Robin Smith shares how to diffuse the sweet fragrance of Jesus Christ in every area of life.

Distinct Biblical principles on how to make your scent last
Identify what fragrances attract blessing and repel favor
How your scent captures God's attention
Effective ways to get in fragrant alignment with the will of God ...And more!

Each devotional is fragrant with God's Word, overflowing with divinely inspired insights and wisdom specially written for Daughters of Christ. This devotional will show you how to discover your "signature fragrance" in Him while expressing its aroma to others, and will help you forge a deeper, closer relationship with God.

Discover Your Signature Fragrance in Christ: A 31-Day Bible Study

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