• Tabahani Fragrances

Speak Truth to Power

Two midwives in the Bible named Shiprah and Puah were ordered by Pharaoh to kill the sons but allow the daughters to live as the women gave birth. They not only refused this order, but they spoke truth to power knowing they could be killed.

The Bible says because the midwives feared God, God gave them houses. Houses defined here in further study of Greek/Hebrew means God gave them families of their own.

✝️Exodus 1:15-22

A few key points here:

1. A midwife helps another woman give birth. Be a blessing and support someone else. Lift a sis, her business, or her family in prayer.

2. Stand in the gap for the next generation.

3. Know God is for you. Know that God goes before you and He has your back.

4. Speak truth to power because God didn’t give you a spirit of fear.

5. God will not forget you. As you stand for others or water others, God will water you.

You are a Daughter of the Most High God. You have been given power to trample over serpents and scorpion and every deadly thing of the enemy. Humans have no authority to put you in heaven or hell. Say what you need to say. Yes, a lady knows when to walk away, but she will not be silenced either. Speak up!


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