• Tabahani Fragrances

Her Alabaster Box

Women give so much of themselves to everyone else foregoing their needs, wants. We give to our detriment sometimes until depletion or giving so till it’s become a form of worship or people pleasing, so be sober minded.

But there is this one thing we should keep and have reserved for no one else, but God...the alabaster box, your worship. Giving of worship won’t deplete you, it will refresh and give life.

In John 12:3 Jesus said, Let her alone: against the day of my burying, she has kept this.

In addition to the act of pouring out of worship, Mary shows us how to keep your worship only for Jesus.

1. Do not care what they think whether in front of one or a room of many. Your worship is unto Jesus, not man.

2. Let down your hair. Real worship ain’t pretty in trying to keep up appearances. Be vulnerable, be free.

3. If you love Him, show Him. We cannot just say we love Him, and our hearts are far removed from Him. We can say, “I love you Jesus” all day, but Jesus says if you love me keep my commandments, my instructions.

We should continue to give out of the goodness of our hearts, but not at the expense of the alabaster box. That perfume costs too much. That is for God and God alone.

✝️Mark 14:1-9

✝️John 12:2-8



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