beauty for ashes

You are whole, complete, and lacking nothing. You are forgiven.  You are not your past.  The tears have turned into joy.    Beauty for Ashes features a poetic indulgence of freesia, delicate sweet pea and soothing lavender oils offering a reflection in gratefulness.


Ecclesia is accented in an elegant motif of warm cashmere, wrapped in peach and pear heart silhouettes, yet punctuated with cinnamon pleasantries.   This invigorating scent makes a lovely addition to your fragrance wardrobe.  Recommended for the kingdom focused, purpose-driven woman.


The fragrance of Faith is the essence of the believer.  An intensely fierce, yet aromatic pleasing scent that puts a smile on God’s face.   Curated in courage and poised with a bold hope, this fragrant scent is an evocative blend of mango, cinnamon and vanilla.  Recommended with stilettos, ballerina flats or street sneakers, walking by Faith is the highest caliber of confidence in God a woman can have on her journey that carries a sure reward.


Open doors.  Seats at the table.  Invitations requesting your presence.  There's no better way than arrive at your destination, but favored.


The Favored Travel Rollie is an artfully-fun palette of raspberry, lemonade, and a flair of cinnamon.  

first lady

First Lady is not just a title for a few, it’s a position as a Daughter of God.  
Royal daughters are glorious within the palace.  First Lady is a lovely bouquet of sweet pea and lilac accords with beloved top notes of lavender. You have a nobility synonymous with the virtuous woman for she is never a trend, always the standard.


Flourish is a celebration of a woman who prospers as her soul prospers. 
A cascade of botanical azalea floral infused with an unexpected citrus orange zest, and ylang essential oil. Blooming where you are planted, Flourish compliments your substance of strength, resilience and class.

gentle spirit

The imperishable beauty of a Gentle Spirit is precious to God.  It exudes life and peace.  Gentle Spirit features accords of fresh cucumber melon layered with crisp pear and sweet honeydew  that evoke an inviting expression of kindness to all you meet.  Gentle Spirit sets an atmosphere that is clean, cool, and light.   A delightful ensemble to any fragrance wardrobe.

grace & mercy

Never one to take the spotlight.  
Grace & Mercy is tailored especially for the woman who considers others before herself.  Rounded with slices of mango and fragrant plumeria oil of calming effect, you’ll find Grace & Mercy refreshing and complementary to a rainbow after the summer rain.

heaven's dew

Heaven's Dew...the gentle favor and refreshment of God's super on your natural.  Dew is symbolic of blessing and covering, as nourishing, subtle and fresh.  God's favor lasts a lifetime.  Remind yourself of His kindness with Heaven's Dew, a light fragrant floral of lily, lilac and azaela notes. 


God has loved you with an everlasting love and He has drawn you with unfailing kindness.  Discover the embrace of a hug laced with scented raspberry, a heart of creamy vanilla and a forehead kiss of jasmine.  Soften the atmosphere and leave a lasting impression you are Loved. Perfect for after the shower or post-bath treatments.

midnight praise

Bold. Sophisticated. Regal.   
Dare to make a bold statement in the heavens.  Midnight Praise, a savory blend of tropical sweet-spiced oils is ideal for the woman who knows how to get the attention of God.  Midnight Praise is the premiere fragrance for an all-nighter breakthrough session.  Perfect for the prayer warrior or the intercessor in your life.

prayer parfum

Your prayer is a sweet aroma to God.  
The alluring soft, floral sweetness of violet, plumeria and ylang…make this fragrance perfect for any occasion, in and out of season, morning, noon, or night.  For prayer closets on-the-go or at home, Prayer Parfum is a lifeline to heaven yielding a sweet fragrance that pleases God.

pure heart

Exceptional beauty from the inside out.  
Pure Heart is an inspiring melody of violet leaf, enveloping gardenia and breathtaking lily notes.   One-of-a-kind with a heart after God, the woman who wears this fragrance undeniably has an ability to see the goodness in everyone with thoughts that are honorable, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy.


Dazzling and bursting with rejoicing, you were made to praise Him.  Radiance proclaims the joy of the Lord!   With an elevated sparkling citrus blend of pomegranate, mandarin orange and mint, the essence of this fragrance diffuses an ambient glory.   This glow is representative of His glory resting on your life.  Let your light shine.   

the garden

Reconnect with the original Eden. 
Walk barefoot in the lush landscape of bamboo breezes, blanketed by forest pine tree canopies and aromatic eucalyptus for a rich woodsy scent.  This is your weekend getaway.  Enjoy an all-inclusive personal resort of peace, joy and serenity.


Breathe.  Reflect.  Enjoy being the daughter of a King.  Treasured is a beautiful pampering of soft French vanilla base notes paired with gardenia, lily, and delicate lavender essential oils.   Immerse yourself in knowing you are loved, protected, and redeemed.  


Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.  This kind of character is the epitome of a woman of whom Jesus is her Lord and her Savior.  


Refreshing notes of daylily, musk, and cucumber reinvigorate your senses in a quiet cottage with a fresh ocean breeze...just you and Jesus.

wild jael

Sweet, sassy, and all the way classy.  Wild Jael is a scent especially curated for the woman who is determined to get back everything the enemy has taken in Jesus' name.  She's not intimidated to take the offensive position in the art of spiritual warfare.  Awaken to a suprising blend of orange essential oils and french vanilla, dare to be confident in the Lord to get all he has for you. 

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