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Tabahani Fragrances was inspired by the book, Perfumed Letters written by our founder,

Robin Smith. The name Tabahani is a Kiswahili term which means to be well educated.  Many of the fragrances on the market are based on lust and focus solely on the outer appearance.  Our founder desired to create fragrances that were inner focused and faith-based. No fragrance houses offered such a caliber of fragrances.  Robin believes each daughter of Christ and those yet to be, blooms with a captivating scent distinctly created for her that leads to the discovery of her signature scent and deepens her relationship with Christ.   


The tailoring of a beautiful perfume is indeed an ancient art.  In earlier times, perfume was to be considered exclusive only to those with nobility.  Our aromas meet and exceed that expectation from the gathering of ingredients, to the preparation and packaging to the white glove experience enjoyed by our clientele.   Established in September 2019, we endeavor to perfect our scents as plant-based and oil-based to nourish your skin, guaranteeing you our best work honoring God.  We are a rare niche fragrance company dedicated to Christian faith-based fragrances.  Each perfume is based on one thought:  we are the fragrant aroma of Christ, diffusing the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.  We offer a collection of more than 25 distinguished fragrances, representative of the character and position of the believer, in the royal priesthood.  Visit us online and discover your signature scent.  We know what royalty feels like and we look forward to serving you.    


Robin Smith


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