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 I grew up in the church, but when I became grown, I did my own thing and drifted away from God.  At my lowest and most painful point in my life, in a still small voice, God reminded me of who I was and with open arms that I was still my Father's daughter, His daughter and I should act as such.  God will find you right where you are and sometimes that's not in the church building on a Sunday, but in the street, in a club, a bed, or some mentally and spiritually dark place.   His kindness toward me, brought me to repentance.  I received his love and forgiveness and was inspired to write my first book, Perfumed Letters


The fragrances discussed in the book Perfumed Letters, brought about Tabahani Fragrances.  Many of the fragrances on the market are based on lust and the outer appearance.  I wanted to create fragrances that were nourishing for dry skin and faith based that have purpose.  I also have dry skin and I grew tired of alcohol based perfumes and butters that dried out my skin so I had to let go of the ministry of ashiness.   Perfumed Letters, prompted an intense study of the reconciliation ministry of Christ.  As believers, we know that we are the fragrance of life in Christ everywhere.  Simply, we are to spread the fragrance of the gospel in every place through watering and planting of the word of God.  This kind of character and influence, it's a lifestyle!

I believe each daughter of Christ and those yet to be, blooms with a captivating scent distinctly created for her.  It is my desire to bring women encouragement and discipleship that leads to the discovery of their spiritual fragrance and deepens their relationship with Christ.  

Robin Smith is a mother,  an author, and inspirational speaker. She is currently in her 18th year of active duty service in the Air Force.  In addition to motherhood and duty, she is involved in traveling, hiking, and archery. 

Robin Smith


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